Saturday, February 7, 2009

RSS Feeds

A RSS Feed is an excellent tool for educators and students to access various resources. Using Bloglines I can review my feeds easily and look for information that I am interested in versus spending countless hours scanning through my favorites on my computer. Through joining Bloglines I came across the Two Writing Teachers blog that is dedicated to education professionals sharing new research and experiences with instructing writing. The blog is very friendly and can be easily navigated to find numerous resources. As a new teacher it's difficult at times to know what method is most effective in teaching various learners writing skills. Knowing that I am a life long learning I feel through this blog's resources, research, discussions, testimonials, links, and trouble shooting I feel that my writing instruction can grow. If you are looking for a new avenue or would like to join our conversation check it out!

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Maryanne said...

Thanks for the tip on the great blog about writing. I've added it to my delicious account.
BTW the best way to put links in a post is to use the link icon when you are creating a new post instead of writing out the URL.
Dr. Burgos