Saturday, February 21, 2009


The expansion of the various video resources available on the Internet has opened several doors for teachers and learning experiences for students. The possibilities range from students and teachers broadcasting information available for others to learn from to students and teachers using the video resources available on several student friendly sources such as Teacher Tube, Videojug, and Google Video. With educational videos at the edge of your finger tips, countless hours of searching the local video store or library for new resources is over.

One video link that I will definitely utilize in my classroom is the 50 States video. My students love to learn acronyms and rhymes to learn new materials, and with the amount of states that we have in the U.S. viewing the 50 States video would be a fun and exciting tool for my students to use in guiding them in learning the 50 States. As an educator knowing this video was linked from the Teacher Tube site I trust and respect that only appropriate videos can be viewed from my students if they develop further inquiries from this site.

Overall the implementation of video in the classroom is an essential new tool that teachers can easily access to extend the learning environment.

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Maryanne said...

Video search sites have certainly made our jobs a little easier and, hopefully, our classes more interesting.
Dr. Burgos